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Mountain View Kitchen and Bath Remodelers

Mountain View Kitchen and Bath Remodelers Articles

Remodeling A Bathroom for Senior Family Members
If you’re converting your bathroom for seniors, putting in grab bars and shower benches, installing walk-in tubs or converting bathtubs into showers, and installing comfort-height toilets are some of the changes you can make.

Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget
If you want to remodel your kitchen but have a limited budget, there are some low-cost options for painting, lighting, cabinets, countertops and flooring that can give your kitchen a new look without costing a lot.

How to Survive a Remodel
Having your house remodeled can be stressful. Maintaining good communication with your contractors and having a plan to deal with issues such as the lack of a kitchen and the special needs of children and pets will help you survive the renovation process.

Bathroom Bonus: How to Highlight Remodeled Bathrooms in Your Listings
Remodeling the bathroom is a top project for homeowners. How real estate agents can highlight a renovated bathroom in their listings is discussed.

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