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Hiring Cleaning Service Providers


  1. Give yourself a choice. It's a good idea to interview more than one cleaning service provider for your project. Your home is an important asset, and you want to make sure you pick a reliable cleaning service who will do a great job.
  2. Licensing: Check whether the cleaning service is licensed. If your state requires that your cleaning service should be licensed, you can check with your state licensing board.
  3. Background check: You can check the Better Business Bureau for your state and do a background check on the cleaning service you are thinking of hiring. See if there are any unresolved customer complaints on record.
  4. Insurance: Always check that your cleaning service carries liability and workers' compensation insurance. Hopefully your project will be safely carried out and trouble-free. But if anyone is injured during the job, you want to be sure that you will not be held liable. Ask to see certificates of insurance and make sure that they are current.
  5. Estimates: Will the cleaning service provide a free evaluation of the project? For a major job, you should get at least three estimates in writing from different cleaning services. Remember that the cheapest bid may not be the best bid.
  6. Check references: Ask the cleaning service provider you are interviewing for the names and contact information of at least three people the cleaning service has completed jobs for in the recent past. Ask the homeowner about how the cleaning service performed. Did the cleaning service turn up on time? Was the job finished on time and according to the specifications agreed on? Did the project come in under budget? If not, was the homeowner satisfied with the explanation of cost overruns? Was the homeowner satisfied with the quality of the work? Did the cleaning service communicate well with the homeowner? Did the cleaning service clean up well after the job? Would the homeowner hire that cleaning service again?
  7. Trade associations: Check if the cleaning service is in good standing with their trade association.
  8. Subcontractors: Ask if subcontractors will be used on the project. If so, ask if they are local and how much oversight they are given.
  9. Weather delays: Ask what the cleaning service provider's policy is if the project is delayed by bad weather.
  10. Copies: Always keep copies of any warranties, etc., the contractor gives you.