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BizPals, Inc.

About BizPals

BizPals.com was created when our founder Winston Cho asked his realtor Linda Takagi for a referral to find an electrician. Over the course of a year, he asked his realtor and his mortgage advisor Alan Russell for three more referrals knowing that Linda and Alan had a great list of top-quality local service professionals who could be relied on to do a great job. Then it occurred to him—every service professional has a list of their peers that they trust enough to recommend to clients. BizPals was created to give everyone access to those lists.

The BizPals Founding Team

Founder, CEO
Winston Cho
Member Services
Megan Bowen
Senior Developer
Mike Jeung
Clare Doyle
Web Production
Nancy Cho
Tamiko Rast
Peter Relan
Emanuel Jimenez

BizPals Ambassadors

Real Estate
Real Estate